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About Acrostar SMO

Acrostar SMO serves execution and operation of clinical study and assists in R&D and innovation of pharmaceutical industry
The leading Site Management Organization (SMO) in China

Acrostar SMO is a site management organization wholly-owned by the Novotech Health Holdings Group and set up branches and offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, etc.

Our business covers 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Since its establishment in 2017, the business volume of Acrostar has been growing per year, making it one of the fastest growing SMO in China in recent years.

Founded in
About Us
Operate in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities
Business Coverage
About UsRecruited 20,000+ subjects
About UsCooperated with 1,000+ GCP departments nationwide
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More than 95% of employees have a medical-related professional background
Team Experience
About Us94%
Cancer project experience
About Us20%
Rheumatology and immunology project experience
About Us33%
Blood disease project (excluding cancer) experience
About Us20%
Respiratory project experience
About Us28%
Psychiatry & pediatrics project experience
About Us30%
Endocrinology & gastroenterology project experience
About Us26%
Ophthalmology project experience
About Us17%
Neurology project experience
About Us11%
Urology project experience
About Us12%
Dermatology project experience
About Us40%
Devices project experience
About Us33%
Other project experience
Trial Phases
19% Phase I clinical trials
24% Phase II clinical trials
27% Phase III clinical trials
14% Phase IV clinical trials
12% Device
4% IIT
*The above information was collected as of June 2022
Acrostar is quality oriented and adheres to the principle in order to go to the next level
Development History of Acrostar SMO

- Passed on-site inspection by NMPA for the first time.


- Transformation of operations from Phase I to Phase II/III;

- Undertaking the first multinational drug company oncology trial;

- Undertaking the first cell therapy (CAR-T) project.


- The company was renamed Acrostar site management Co.,Ltd. Registered in Nanjing;

- More than 60 cooperative companies, including 30 foreign-funded enterprises;

- Became a preferred supplier of 12 GCP hospital.


- Expanded business scope to 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. And covering more than 60 cities, all with full-time CRCs;

- The company developed a talent training plan to strengthen the staff sense of belonging.


- Cooperation with over 400 GCP centres, and adding to the list of preferred supplier of dozens of hospitals;

- The number of collaborating clients exceeded 150.


- Overcoming the difficulties of a three-year epidemic. Multiple project teams prepare for NMPA verification;

- Improve the team structure, bring in excellent managers and strengthen the management team;

- Became a preferred supplier of several GCP centres.


- Supporting product approvals and market launches for multiple projects in development;

- Introduced and built project management system;

- Completed verification of several MNC companies and became their preferred supplier, with a 20% growth in business from the previous year.